This card offer has expired! However, Discover it® is offering 5% cash back on purchases in categories that change each quarter. Click to read our review of the Discover it®.

This card lets you earn miles when you make ordinary purchases, and the miles can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, such as free flights, hotel stays, merchandise or even cash. It is a very attractive card to have if you travel often and want to earn a lot of miles in return for your spending.

Things We Like About This Card

No annual fee. Pay absolutely nothing to enjoy the many privileges offered by the Discover Miles card.

0% introductory APR on balance transfers. For the first full 6 months, you will enjoy a 0% balance transfer. After the intro period, your APR will be as low as 10.99% if you have a very good credit score. Keep in mind that you still have to pay a balance transfer fee of 3% per transaction.

Receive 2 miles for every $1 spent on travel and restaurants. For the first $3,000 you spend a year on travel and restaurants on this card, you will receive 2 Miles for every $1 you spend on these categories. This is a very good deal if you travel often or if you eat out often. Many other no-fee travel rewards cards don't have a double miles offer at all.

Receive 1 mile for every $1 spent on other purchases. If you spend on other purchases (excluding travel and restaurants), you will receive 1 mile for every $1. That means you get rewarded for virtually everything you spend on.

Miles don’t expire. This is a good benefit to have because in many other travel rewards cards, miles expire after a certain period of time, but for this card you will not have to worry about redeeming all your miles as soon as you can, because your miles will not expire as long as your account is active within a 36-month period.

No cap to the number of miles you can earn. The sky's the limit, so the more you spend on your card, the more miles you will earn, which will all add up fast over time, enabling you to later redeem for amazing rewards or cash.

Miles can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, gift cards or travel. You can redeem your miles for airfare or reduced airfare on most major U.S.-based airlines with no blackout dates. Another advantage you have with this card is that you can use your miles for more than just traveling; you can also redeem them for cold hard cash, gift cards or merchandise. If you like cash, 5,000 miles can be redeemed for a $25 deposit into your bank account.

To redeem for a travel credit, you have the freedom to book any airline, any flight, any hotel, cruise, vacation package, car rental with any travel provider or any travel website. Just make sure you pay with your Miles card when booking your flight, and redeem for travel credits when the transaction is posted to your account. Remember to call 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) to redeem when you see the transaction on your account! For travel rewards, 10,000 Miles can be redeemed for a $100 travel credit to your account toward a travel purchase.

$500,000 travel accident insurance. This card comes with $500,000 in travel accident insurance, and auto rental insurance if you pay for your plane/train/bus/helicopter ticket with your Discover card. Now you can travel with peace of mind, knowing you are covered wherever you go.

Our Least Favorite Things About This Card

There is nothing we don't like about Miles by Discover!

  • Our Verdict:
  • 4.60/5 Stars

If you travel frequently, eat out often and would like a no-annual-fee travel rewards credit card, the Miles by Discover Card, issued by Discover Financial, is just the card for you as you get to receive miles for every $1 you spend on the card. The 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 6 months is also useful.

We also like that your miles don't expire and there's no cap to the number of miles you can earn. But what we really like about this card is that if you want to redeem for travel credits, you can book your travel (air, cruise, car rental, hotel, vacation package, etc.) with any travel agency or any travel website, so you are not restricted to using a specific provider and thus have the ability to scout for the best deal for yourself.

This card offer has expired! However, Discover it® is offering 5% cash back on purchases in categories that change each quarter. Click to read our review of the Discover it®.