Have you got credit problems in the past or have little credit history? If so, you may wish to consider the Credit One Bank® Platinum Card for people with bad credit. This card will help you rebuild your credit while you enjoy special perks without having to pay any enrollment fee, which is uncommon for many credit cards for bad credit.

The Credit One Bank® Platinum Card is a Visa (V) card that offers its cardholders Platinum Visa benefits reserved for Visa users. Below I do a detailed review of this credit card for bad credit so that you can make a more informed decision.

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Things We Like About This Card No enrollment fee. Unlike many credit cards for bad credit, this card has no enrollment fee when you sign up for the card. This is great news for you since if you’re not approved for the card, you won't have wasted your money on any fee when applying for this credit card, as is the case with many other cards in the market.

Enjoy a minimum credit line of $300. When approved for this card, you will get a line of credit of at least $300. This is a similar credit line as many other cards for people with bad credit.

1% cash back rewards on gas. You get unlimited 1% cash back gas rewards for gas purchases you make with this card. You receive these rewards as statement credit which can be used to reduce your balance.

Pre-qualifying for this card won’t have a negative impact on your credit score. You can see if you would be preapproved for this card without it affecting your credit.

Choose your own credit card design from a wide variety of options. When applying for this card, you can personalize it by choosing a card design that suits your personality and interests.

No fraud liability. If your card gets lost or stolen, and fraudulent transactions are made through it, you won’t be liable to pay a single dollar.

Choose your payment due date. This perk will help you reduce your late payments and ensure that you pay your credit card bill on time, as you can choose the most convenient day for you to make your credit card payments. You can change your payment due date once every 6 months.

Platinum Visa benefits. With this card, you will enjoy travel accident insurance when you're on the road as well as auto rental collision insurance and many more perks.

No over-the-limit fee. If you go over your spending limit, you won't have to pay any fee. Most cards charge a $35 over-the-limit fee. Keep in mind that if you want to avoid paying high interest rates, you should make sure to pay your bills on time every month, because even if you don't have to pay an over-the-limit fee, overspending and not paying your bills on time could cost you even more in the long run.

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Our Least Favorite Things About This Card

$35 - $99 annual fee. You'll have an annual fee of $35 - $99 depending on your credit score.

  • Our Verdict:
  • 3.00/5 Stars

The Credit One Bank® Platinum Card is for people with bad credit who want to improve their credit score and have a line of credit. Although this card has a $35 - $99 annual fee, you won't have to pay any enrollment fee, as is the case with some other credit cards for bad credit.

This is a card for people who want to rebuild their credit and enjoy Visa Platinum perks, as well as $0 fraud liability. If you are someone who is just looking for a card to make regular purchases while rebuilding your credit score, this might be the card for you.

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