SWISS A320 Business Class

FeaturesSWISS A320 Business Class Highlights
Seat ComfortSame seats as Economy Class, but middle seat isn't sold.
Food and Beverage Light lunch was served.
Cabin Crew Service Flight attendants were polite.
The Verdict A pleasant short flight.

Grace, our two boys and I checked in our luggage at the SWISS Business check-in desk at London Heathrow's Terminal 2 and then proceeded to the Lufthansa Lounge at London Heathrow to wait for our departure flight from London (LHR) to Zurich (ZRH) on SWISS A320 Business Class.

London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2, also known as 'Queen's Terminal'

SWISS A320 Business Class Review

Planes on the runway

Boarding was on time. Our SWISS flight LX 319 departed London at 11:50, with a total flight time of 1 hour 50 minutes.

SWISS A320 Business Class Boarding

SWISS Airbus A320

We were seated in the first row seats 1A, 1C, 1D, 1F.

SWISS A320 Safety Card

SWISS A320 Business Class view of a British Airways plane

There is one lavatory situated at the front left of the plane, and two more at the back of the A320.

SWISS A320 Business Class Lavatory

SWISS A320 Business Class Seat Comfort

This flight was very similar to the SWISS A320 Business Class flight (Zurich - Valencia) we took the previous month.

The seats on SWISS A320 are configured in a 3-3 layout. As with other regional flights on European airlines, the Business Class seats on this SWISS A320 flight are the same standard Economy seats, with the exception of the middle seats not being sold.

SWISS A320 Business Class

We got first row bulkhead seats which have slightly more legroom. Front row seats are also more convenient for families traveling together as you get to disembark first from the plane.

SWISS A320 Business Class Row 1 Bulkhead Seats

The magazine compartments are on the bulkhead in front of us.

SWISS A320 Business Class Row 1 Legroom

Grace and I sat in the middle seats on both sides so that we could sit beside our boys. There was no recline option.

Although Business Class seats are the same as Economy seats on short-haul SWISS flights, it's still worth it to fly Business if you want to have a guaranteed empty seat beside you whether you have a window or aisle seat.

SWISS A320 Business Class overhead TV showing flight route

SWISS A320 Business Class Food and Beverage

We were given some small bottles of water and were offered chocolate thins, as is the case on other SWISS short and long haul flights. For first row seats, the tables fold out from the armrests.

Shortly after takeoff, we were served light lunch which consisted of two slices of cheese, a very small bowl of pumpkin soup and some chilled meat dish.

For drinks, you can choose from fruit juices, soft drinks, wine or champagne, and after the meal, you can get coffee or tea.

In my opinion, the meals served on SWISS are very mediocre. The management from catering should consider revamping their inflight menus and come up with better options. For many people (like me), food is a passion.

SWISS A320 Business Class Lunch

SWISS A320 Business Class Cabin Crew Service

Cabin crew service was just okay overall. The FAs weren't particularly cheery and didn't make any effort to interact with us or anyone else.

SWISS doesn't give out hot towels to passengers. Instead, the flight attendants give out packets of wet towelette.

Our boys received a SWISS sticker card with a sheet of removable stickers and a pack of fruit jellies each.

SWISS A320 Business Class Freebies for Kids

SWISS A320 Business Class: The Verdict

The LHR-ZRH flight was on time and the Business cabin service was fine. The plane was clean and the seats were in good condition. Because Business Class seats are essentially the same as Economy seats, seat comfort wasn't spectacular though it was still a better option than Economy because of the extra empty seat beside us. The SWISS A320 has no inflight entertainment, so be prepared for that. Flying SWISS A320 Business Class was overall a pleasant experience on this short flight.

In January 2017, Grace and I, together with our two boys Ramses and Ranefer, went on a round-the-world (RTW) trip to five continents for 6 months, using 4 free Business Class air tickets, worth US$54,000, which were redeemed using our one million air miles (which we earned through our air miles credit cards) on Star Alliance, a network consisting of many airlines including Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, SWISS, Avianca and many more.

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